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Oct 29, 2021

On the eve of COP26, hosts Denise Odaro and Shari Friedman discuss  the recent IEA warning that based on current emissions pledges, the world is still on course for a 2.7C rise. Plus, this month's top public and private trends and an audience question from New York City. 


Oct 14, 2021

One key to every net zero path is comprehensive reporting, but that can't happen if key variables are excluded. For example, if you're tracking emissions, it's important to track not only the amount of carbon in the air, but how much is being burned. Another factor may be fit. That is, are market actions matching what...

Oct 1, 2021

Join Shari and Denise as they dive into the biggest news in climate business over the last few months. They focus on the new IPCC report, major announcements at the UN General Assembly meeting, and wrap up with a conversation about the world's newest (and biggest) Direct Air Capture Plant: The Orca plant...